I come from a place where children are to be seen and not heard

So they shove down our ideas

Sisters come in second or even third

Even with a younger brother in the family tree

I come from a place which hails a stranger perambulating

with a replica of what an indigen had tried to bring alive

They killed his dreams and called him a dreamer

Yet the hail a complete stranger

Where I am from Kings are not merely the men on the stool

But everyman who knows a man who knows a man

A man who has tasted power, is in power or is sure to know a power

Kings are not leaders but leeches

They enjoy with their families and extend it to nephews and a few ”nieces” on a few campuses

They are Lords and answer to know one wept their little mistresses

Missing guineafowls, imports of pampers by tonnes

Emotional strife up north leading to 21 dead

Rumors of arms travelling across borders

The law enforcers committing crimes

People tired of trusting their god

It is like he sits up there and is totally unaware

That the sub-chiefs who were to serve pull no strings

So there is no water in one community

And the dilapidated structure without a roof is still a school

A finished project under lock and key

An applauded facility without a working mentality

The men who sweat to make their taxes work watch the returns bereft

Was it for no purpose we went to polls, was it a wolf cry that Change was coming

I see a god unawares that his angels guide his nation into disrepair

The bicker on any available  platform causing their own disrepute

Lack of tolerance for any contrary ideas so the throw words like knives to kill their neighbors progress

Can it stop already

When two elephants fight it is the ground that suffers.




Age is a number, wisdom is an attribute

The two may intersect but not in every way.

Age can make a man feel entitled

Wisdom will make him humble

At 60 we are nothing, have nothing and have done nothing.

We are about to Mobilize for our future when we should be reaping harvest of labor

Count till 60 in your head

See how long it has been since we were given birth

See how much time we stayed “dancing”as Lumumba said

I come from a country which stretches its arms not to bless, only to beg

Gimme gimme my name is Jimmy

Then we hire foreign men to take away the youth employment

It wasn’t intentionally , it came with the deal

Foreign men who give the same youth guns to protect mineral resources illegally

And they do so gladly

I wouldn’t say I am proud but that is how we have become

A Lost Land with corrupted systems

60 years on what can we give to the future that we hadn’t received in the past

The cry of a new born baby at 60

Very funny

Mobilizing for the future doesn’t seem enough, The Future must start now.


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